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Useful Tips For Choosing The Right Pants For You

Whether you are a man or a woman, we all have a few pants in our closets as they provide us with the flexibility of movement and are very practical. However, choosing the wrong size or cut that doesn’t compliment your body shape and dimensions would make the look a bit odd. The right pair of pants should make you look good and feel comfortable. If you are struggling with choosing the right pants, read on as we provide you with a few tips to help you choose the right pair of pants that would make you look stunning.

Consider Your Body Shape

This one is for the ladies. There are eight body shapes: I shape, V shape, H shape, A shape, X shape, O shape, 8 shapes, and petite. Before choosing a new pair of pants you need to make sure that it compliments your body shape and would make you look good:

  1. I shape should go for light and patterned pants with pleats at the waist or hips.
  2. V shape needs pants that balance their shoulders like pants with wide-leg shapes.
  3. H shape better choose straight-leg pants.
  4. A shape should go for bootcut pants and flares.
  5. X shape should choose pants with wide waistbands, straight, and bootcut pants.
  6. O shape should wear slim-leg pants to flatter their bodies.
  7. 8 shape should go for pants with wide waistbands and straight pants.
  8. Petite body shapes better avoid pants with too much fabric and should go for long slim leg pants that don’t drag on the floor.


The right pair should start from the waistline and go all the way down to the top of the shoes you are wearing or cover a small part of them. Never wear long pants that cover your shoes and need to be firmly tied with a belt. If you find a pair that you like but are a bit long, you can buy them then tailor them to the right size and length.


If you are struggling to find pants that fit your waistline, simply measure your waistline, and the number you get is the number of your pants. The waistline should not be too high or low; it should fall perfectly on your waist. Put two fingers in your pants while wearing them and if you are still comfortable in them, they are the right size for you.

Pants Cut

The main types of pant cuts are slim-cut, regular cut, and loose cut. However, there are different kinds of pants with more types of cuts. Each cut helps in hiding or highlighting some aspects of the body. Slim-cut pants will make you look thinner, while regular-cut pants frame the body and give you the best look. As for loose-cut pants, they are perfect for retro looks and larger ladies and men.

Pleated and Flat Fronts

For a classic look go for pleated pants as they add detail to the pants. Note that some pants have one pleat, while others have more pleats. To find the best pair that suits your style, try them both. If you have a bigger upper body, pleated dress pants are perfect for your body structure. Wear flat-front pants when going for a more casual look as they look more modern. They are best for slim bodies as they look more tailored.


Of course, the fabric of the pants should be chosen based on the season and use. Natural fabric is always the best choice, as they do not cause itchiness and feel more comfortable on your skin as they are breathable. On the other hand, synthetic fibers cause allergies and rashes, and they will never look as great as pants made of natural fabrics like wool and cotton pants.


Think about the colours of the shirts you are planning to wear with the pants. They should mix and match. Some colours are neutral and go with all other colours and textures like black, grey, tan, and many more. However, if you want bold colours that stand out, make sure that you have the right shirts that would go with them. You can take some shirts with you to the store to try them on with the pants you chose to make sure that they match and look good on

The wrong size or the cut of your pants can ruin your outfits. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right cut, size, fabric, and colour. Moreover, your pants should balance out your body dimensions. That is why you must know your body shape before buying any clothes in general. Whether you’re shopping for classic pants or trendy ones, follow the tips mentioned above; we guarantee that you will end up with the perfect pair of pants that complements your body and style.


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